Meet Nicole of Keyna Jewellery. Based in Milan, Nicole designs and lovingly makes high quality jewellery using recycled metal. Each piece is hand crafted, kaking it completely one of a kindf and unique to the wearer.

For those that don’t know you, please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Keyna?

My name is Nicole Keyna. I am from Melbourne but moved to Milan in 2016. I come from a creative background, I studied Visual Merchandising and Photo styling and worked in, both but have always been interested in creating things with my hands, so when I started my first jewellery course in Milan I fell in love.

I had never researched the meaning of Keyna but when I was thinking about names for the brand I decided to find out what it meant, and coincidentally it means Jewel in Celtic. And then was born Keyna, a jewellery brand that focuses on sustainability and creating one of a kind pieces for people who value craftmanship and quality pieces.

Where did your love of jewellery originate?
Besides watching my mother and grandmother always put on jewellery, my love for it comes from my appreciation for art, as I see jewellery as a form of wearable art. The process of making jewellery really inspires me and I love watching a piece go from it’s raw form to something wearable. My love for it definitely grew after knowing what goes on behind the scenes.

What would you say is the ethos of the brand?
Keyna is a high quality, sustainable jewellery brand with unique designs which places value on craftsmanship. All pieces are made in recycled 925 Sterling Silver and 9ct Solid Gold, making them durable and life long. No two pieces are the exact same, making them unique and special to the person wearing them. Everything Keyna is made by hand, either using the ancient lost wax technique or directly with the metals and every part of Keyna consciously uses sustainable practices throughout the business.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Many places, but firstly nature. I am inspired by the mountains, the sky, the ocean and it all. There is so much beauty around us, and as metals and minerals come from the earth, I take that in itself an inspiration. Of course I am always inspired by the people around me and architecture too. 

Can you talk us through your design process?
I am very free when I create my pieces and love diving straight into the making of them. As the style of my pieces are very organic, I feel that there isn’t a lot of ‘designing’ needed. I might draw a few sketches of what I have in mind, but for me the beauty of each piece comes in the process of making and discovering new things while making it.

How are you striving to be sustainable as a business?
Sustainability is a huge part of Keyna. I only use recycled metal that doesn’t contribute to the mining industry, which as we know is bad for the planet and people. The packaging is made from recycled paper and biodegradable glue, and can be reused or recycled again. All of Keyna’s pieces are made in durable metals and last a lifetime, rather than needing to be replaced. I am always striving for Keyna to be more sustainable and would always prefer to choose a more sustainable way to do something, even if it’s more complicated.

What would you like to see next for Keyna?
I would love that Keyna is able to spread awareness of sustainability in the jewellery industry, and that more people discover the brand and wear the pieces I create, as that is the biggest joy for me. I hope to collaborate with other like minded people and continue to learn throughout this journey!

Finally, what is your biggest piece of advice for female business owners and those wanting to start their own business?
A good piece of advice I got was: Start before you’re ready. It can be super scary at the start (especially if you’re a perfectionist like me) but there will never be the perfect time, so just go for it. Also to always follow your gut and trust yourself. I feel that our instincts are one of our best tools.

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