Since 2020 we have been dedicated to extending the life of clothing already in existence. We understand that these items can have more than one life and work hard to keep clothing in rotation.

We are a small business, but as we grow we hope to develop and improve our sustainable practises.


We collaborate with brands and designers to keep their pieces in circulation. We have a number of brand resale partners, and hold brand sample sales to help brands find new homes for their excess and sample sale stock.


We try and keep our packaging to a minimum.

We are currently using Noissue for sustainable branded stationery. We use kraft paper tape, which is 100% recyclable, paper mailing bags which have an environmentally friendly composition, they are 100% recyclable and FSC certified. We also use paper packaging to wrap our clothing, which is recyclable and biodegradable

Clothing Repairs

We work with our seamstress to repair and restore garments that need some TLC, this means that pieces can be loved for longer.

Reworked Clothing

We often use vintage pieces that are already in circulation and make repairs and rework them before rotating them to new homes. We love bringing vintage pieces back to life, to be loved again.